Virginie Bourdin’s Madeleine and the Kingfish

Madeleine and the Kingfish by Virginie Bourdin

Virginie Bourdin’s second original animation short film is titled Madeleine and the Kingfish.

After 20 years of her first short animated film, titled the “The Butterfly Woman.”

La Femme Papillon aired on 9 TV channels and it was screened on more than 60 festivals.

Virginie has 20 years of experience in the secret backstage of Hollywood blockbuster film-making.

Now she is coming back with a project for a second short film! Wanting to come back to her first love: animation.

3 generations of women carrying against their will an inconvenient legacy.

A portrait of misplaced love and its consequences.

A special 26 minutes 3Danimated short for all the family.

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