Art Direction Intensive Course 2024

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This is an exclusive and original course designed by Virginie Bourdin who created the first European VFX Art Department for film, 18 years ago.


She has art-directed many artists such as: Alberto Mielgo, Jama Jurabaev, Maciej Kuciara, Ash Thorp, Olivier Pron, Richard Anderson (flapstrapp), Matt Alsopp, Jan Urschel, Andrei Riabovichev, David Benzal, Pablo Domínguez, Franco Carlesimo and many more extraordinary talented artists.


As well as artists, she has art-directed for well-known Directors, Production Designers, VFX Supervisors and Prop Masters from the high-end movie industry.



This course is aimed at professional artists and art directors with at least 5 years of experience working with clients. Here, you will develop your abilities to choose the best creative direction for yourself and others.



By giving you new tools and methods, we will build your confidence to surf on any new technological revolutions that come up throughout your career.

Through practice, without making a design per se but focusing on its ‘Art’ of direction:

  • You’ll practice briefing as an exciting form of art itself.
  • You’ll push a design’s narrative to be the most original it can be.
  • You’ll level up by using specific tools used in film; adding new strings to your bow.
  • We’ll be using an efficient method to navigate through projects and/or career paths.

It’s Practice made into Theory: through hands-on experience with solo and group exercises, you’ll explore various contexts to discover fresh techniques for directing your own work and that of others.

In this course, Virginie will be teaching her secret weapon: the Next Best Step Method. This tool has helped her resolve complex design and management situations for a very long time.

Most importantly, we’ll create a safe space to look at all the newest tech, debate and decide what’s best for each of us.



1. The Art of Briefing
Define and refine, break down and chose the best workflows within constraints.
Develop your ability to select references in order to create the most relevant design, serve the narrative, and guide the creative conversation.

2. Practices on Pushing Original Design Narrative
Using various practices extracted from writers, advertising, animation, cinematography, management & production; all boiled down to useful originals methods to boost your creativity in a relevant and efficient way.

Throughout the course you’ll gain a stronger understanding of your own style and develop versatility relevant to any creative field.

3. The NBS method
A map to see and choose your Next Best Step!
An original feedback method that we’ll use to give you more perspective and find solutions and directions from where you stand today.

4. Debate Sessions
We’ll review the latest technologies that claim to enhance our workflows. We’ll share our experiences without taboos, asking the hard questions and seeing what’s truly relevant for each of us.

5 – ONE-ON-ONE coaching session
With Virginie you’ll be able to review your strengths and work in progress, your blockages and wishes in art direction. This session will happen at the end as a conclusion of the Master Workshop.



Virginie Bourdin is an Art Director with 25 years of experience in the high-end film and animation industry; designing for 48 titles such as the Alien series, Barbie, Harry Potter, Guardians of the Galaxy, Captain Marvel, and many others.

After 7 years of in-depth academic art and communication studies, she developed her skillset exploring different visual fields such as advertising and animation before dedicating herself to high-end VFX for Hollywood movies.

Virginie created and managed the first film art department for the leading VFX house MPC, where she was Head of Department and VFX Art Director for almost ten years.

Her experience allowed her to develop efficient creative processes for the visual effects industry, with a focus on artist development.

She launched ‘The Art of Direction‘ in 2015, a limited company producing concept art for film pre-production. Since then, AOD has successfully completed several major productions, drawing from a deep pool of international artists.

AOD constitutes a flexible virtual art department, able to answer to the most demanding high-end productions. This allows Virginie and her staff to satisfy an insatiable curiosity for novelty, creative processes and storytelling design.



27h of effective workshops across a 1 month period

The content is spread along 3 Sundays in person at Joso School + a 1 hour One-on-one online session

Breakdown day on location:
from 10 am until 7pm. Including 1 hour resting lunch and two 15 min pauses.



Certificate given by the centre after the course.



Our selection process involves reviewing portfolios and reusmes to create well-matched groups.

This course is designed for artists and directors who have worked with clients and/or supervisors for at least 5 years.



Is it necessary to have previous experience in order to enrol in this course?
Yes, this course is designed for artists and directors who have worked with clients and/or supervisor for at least 5 years.

What are the conditions in order to get into this course?
Portfolio review and resume.

How can I access the course if I live outside of the region or even the country?
Thank you for contacting us to let us know of your interest to enroll. We would eventually organise a different format in order to facilitate the access for people living outside of Barcelona.

Where can I find the price and the schedules for the course?
Contact JOSO School in order to get these details.

What sort of professionals are leading this course?
This intensive master workshop is created and given by Virginie Bourdin. She will be assisted by Oriol Armengou who has 10 years experience as an educator and works as the coordinator of the AOD Visuals studio. He has also coursed the Concept Art Program at JOSO School.

Does the school organise open houses for students?
Contact JOSO School in order to get these details.

When can I enrol into the course?
February to April 2024

What is the main language for this course?
English and Spanish

Is it possible to enrol if I am a foreigner?
Yes, absolutely

What tools do I need in order to properly do the course?
No specific tools are needed



Regardless if you are a freelancer or an employee or employer at a company, this course is for you!

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Exclusive Short Master Course in partnership with JOSO School in Barcelona. Visit their page for more information on the course!

What is Joso School?

Joso School (Escola Joso) is more than ever a reference in the teaching of visual arts and storytelling. Some of the best cartoonists who are currently publishing have passed through its classes, as well as many incredible concept artists, illustrators and even script writters.

Where is Joso School?

Joso School (Escola Joso) is right at the hart of Barcelona, specifically in the Antiga Esquerra de l’Eixample.

The city is always pioneering in creativity and adapts to all the new trends in the trends of the Visual Arts industry.

The school is considered the dean of the Sequential Arts centres os Spain.