Virginie grew up in France between two worlds, a wild artistique one on one side and an entrepreneurial one on the other.

After 7 years strong of academic art and communication studies, she developed her skillset exploring different visual fields such as advertising and animation before to dedicate herself to high end VFX for Hollywood movies. She created and managed the first film art department for the leading VFX house MPC as head of department and VFX art director for almost ten years. Her experience allowed her also to develop efficient creative processes for the visual effect industry with a focus on artists personal development.

After touring worldwide giving conferences for a all year, Virginie launched in 2015  THE ART OF DIRECTION, a limited company producing concept art for film preproduction and successfully completed few major productions. She gathers tailored pools of international artists, creating a flexible virtual art department able to answer to the most demanding high end productions. This allows her to satisfy an insatiable curiosity for novelty, creative processes and her love for story telling design.