4 years ago, Virginie was starting to capture artists meanwhile traveling across the globe. She filmed their life and their performances to show how these artists developed and master their talent in a unique way.

Virginie is currently developing further projects with Mind the film production. A company specialised in portraying leading avant-garde artists across technology, art and sound.


CP-LeventePetterfyCREATIVE PROCESS – Levente Peterffy – leading visual artist for film & c0-founder of the industry workshop  

CP-NataliaChristofaroCREATIVE PROCESS AND PORTRAIT OF TALENT – Natalia Christofaro – tango master 

POT-DaveMadison2PORTRAIT OF TALENT – Dave Madison – incubator and international teacher of the blues dance

CP-stephaneLevalloisPORTRAIT OF TALENT – Stephane Levallois – leading visual artist & contemporary master 

megumiPORTRAIT OF TALENT – megumi – ska  reggae  saxophonist & founder of the kimono girls





THE BUTTERFLY WOMAN – Short animated Movie – 10 mn – stop motion – Les Films du Nord Production

In 2001, Virginie released a first short movie in stop motion called The Butterfly Woman produced by Arnaud Deumuynck, Strong figure of the french animation. The film is well remarked in more than 60 European festivals and 3 TV channels from which ARTE.